US Education Authorities Push for Personalized Learning


US education authorities push for a student-centered personalized learning. This was the focus of discussion during the gathering of educators in Massachusetts last January 19 this year.

The report stated that Massachusetts leads in education but it has deficiencies. It recommended that teachers use personalized instruction. Personalized learning promotes students based on the competency they mastered and not on time spent in a grade level, according to Wicked Local Brooklyn.

The present set up determines students' level based on his age. The length of time to complete a course is based on the number of school calendar days. Students who master the competencies for their grade level remain in the class. They get promoted with the rest of the class at the end of the school year.

Student diversity has increased throughout the years. A teacher cannot expect all students in a grade level to have similar learning needs. Designing lessons for the average student can make fast learners lose interest and the slow learners lost. This makes personalized learning an excellent option, according to eSchool News.

Personalized learning does this differently. Students are classified according to their learning levels. A student can jump two to three levels in one year. In traditional education, students can only move one level per year.

US school authorities think that change in education is needed. Personalized education means that teachers are not just experts in their field. They should know how to determine students' learning needs. After they identify the needs, they must guide and coach students to meet those needs, according to EdSurge.

Personalized learning might be difficult in the past years. Teachers can now use modern teaching tools to suit every student's learning needs. Students can use the device to focus on individual learning tasks. This innovation has been applied in some schools. It has been found effective in these schools. The effect f personalized learning in schools with big number of students still needs to be determined.

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