College Events You Should Never Miss


College is a time to learn alright, but it's also a time for you to enjoy and make memories that will last for a lifetime. While your stay in the campus might be as short as can be, you can add more life to it by enjoying these non-academic, non-credit, fun things students can enjoy.

And before you think of experiencing them after you graduate (yes you still can), realize that it won't be the same compared to when you take part in them as a student, Florida State University graduate Danielle Wirsansky said in an article in Uloop. Better enjoy them before donning the graduation robe and hat.

Here are some college events students should never miss.

Football Games and Other Seasonal Sports

Football, undoubtedly America's most popular sport, is evident in the number of college football teams there is. If your school has a football team, you have a team to cheer and root for even if you don't really like the sport, says Wirsansky. It's about the school spirit.

If you don't like football but have a liking for other sports such as basketball, baseball, rugby and others, go support your classmates and have fun watching them play. Find a sport that appeals to you, cheer your college sporting team, and have fun..

Theater Performances

For those who don't like sports but enjoy watching stage performances in the arts, theater performances will add spice to your college life. Most schools have a theater program where students are the ones performing on stage. Want to see that play of musical portrayed by that classmate of yours? Go ahead and have fun.

Students can usually get tickets for theater performances at a discounted rate, and with a show usually in play for several performances at least once a month, students wouldn't be overwhelmed with it. As a bonus, most theater halls are air-conditioned, too.

Art Galleries

For those who don't like the rush of sports and the sit-still-and-watch experience of theater but are looking for something creative and worthwhile to look at, art galleries are good options.

"Art Gallery" does not always mean renaissance or baroque period. Today's art galleries feature advances in art, such as 3D printing and other things. Check out your school's art gallery and fire up those creative juices inside of you.

Looking for tickets to the college event that interests you? Find your tickets in this website. Just remember, don't bring items that can be considered as threats to safety

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