Washington State University Cougar Socks Bearing Rival Husky’s Slogan Recalled


Each college or university sports team has its own slogan brandished on many sporting goods for sale like socks, caps, and other clothing items, but what happens when a particular pair of socks bearing the logo of a university sports the slogan of its rival? A recall is expected to happen.

That's what happened to $18 pairs of Christmas WSU College "Cougar Socks," UPI reported. Bartell Drugs, a state drugstore in Washington that sold the socks, issued a recall for all the pairs that were sold.

The socks, made by Strideline, bore the Cougars' logo outside, while brandishing "Go Dawgs" inside the cuff - a slogan that belonged to rival University of Washington Huskies.

Strideline, based in Seattle, is known for the collegiate socks that it produces, along with pairs that are uniquely Seattle, notes the Seattle Times. Its co-founder, Jake Director, said the inclusion of the Huskies' slogan on the Cougar socks was a product of "quality control error."

Director said the company uses templates to create socks for hundreds of colleges, and while creating the Cougar socks, somebody failed to switch the template design from UW to WSU. Director said the mistake was "unfortunate," adding that he can see why some might find the error funny.

People, however, see it differently: theorists speculate the error coming from the fact that Director and Strideline co-founder Riley Goodman are both graduates of UW.

Director, clarifying the issue, said his and Goodman's alumni status had nothing to do with the mismatched pair of socks. He said Strideline has a "bunch of Cougs" on its team, and is not just "a company of a bunch of Husky fans."

Director said affected customers can contact Strideline and will be given free pairs of socks and/or gift cards. Bartell's, which was the sole seller of the pair of the socks, said it sold about 245 pairs before the recall. Customers can return the socks they bought for a refund, regardless of the condition.

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