Teen Turns University Rejection Letter Into Something ‘Funny’ And ‘Creative’


Being rejected always feels bad, and being rejected by the university you apply to will always be an unpleasant thing to experience. Still, that unpleasant experience can become something great - like what a teenager from London did when her application was rejected by Oxford University.

Claudia Vulliamy, an 18-year-old teen from London, failed to secure a spot in Oxford and instead received a rejection letter for her efforts to enter the university, the Telegraph reported. But instead of sulking and getting depressed, she actually turned the letter into a work of art that became famous on the internet.

Vulliamy applied to study classics at Wadham College from September, but was told that her application was unsuccessful. After receiving her letter, she thought "it would be funny" to use it for creative purposes.

She then proceeded to cut up lines from the letter and attached them to a painting she made. The finished work of art has been published on Twitter, and has been retweeted more than 51,400 times and liked by more than 158,900 people as of writing time. Many have compared her work of art to those created by Piet Mondrian, the Dutch painter.

Her mother, Louisa Saunders, told BBC that she was "very spirited," explaining that she made the work of art between the time she received the rejection letter and told her mom about it until her mom arrived home from work.

Saunders said she thought it was "very funny" of her daughter to do that, adding that she was glad young Miss Vulliamy didn't feel too sad about the rejection.

Vulliamy said it's not often that anybody receives a letter specially "dedicated to you from Oxford," which makes is meaningful. She added that she actually didn't set her heart on Oxford, and is happy that she eventually received an offer from Durham University.

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