Hesston College Scholarships Open To St. John’s Military School


Hesston College now offers scholarships to international graduates coming from St. John's Military School. Aside from offering education and discipline for young men, St. John's Military School is going to receive additional educational assistance especially for its international cadets.

With the help of Hesston College, a liberal arts college in Kansas, a scholarship directed to all graduates from St. John's is being made available. However, there are still academic guidelines for admission, as reported by Yahoo's Finance.

The grant totals to $10,000 per year for the two years that the student is enrolled. According to Dave Osborne, the director of international admissions at Hesston, he wants to make it easy for international students to get an education at Hesston. The partnership between Hesston College and St. John's allows both schools to meet the goals of extending high quality education.

According to Osborne, he is convinced that their students can be served better if there is a strong international enrollment available on campus. He also cites that some of the students value the interaction coming from international students. Osborne hopes to create a global culture.

In an effort to increase enrollment and graduation rate in a lot of universities and schools, high schools and higher education institutions are partnering up and offering exclusive grants to eligible students. This attempt from American schools hope to alleviate financial burden from the students as well as encourage students to avail of higher education that is made accessible.

St. John's Military School is an all-male military boarding school located in Salina, Kansas. The school boasts of its disciplined educational and living environment for young men. The school is also proud that their young men has become outstanding leaders. Hesston College boasts of its high academic standards. The school only accepts high school students with a 3.3 GPA and an average 1438 SAT score, as reported by PR News Wire.

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