University Of Notre Dame Graduate: Drake, One Direction And Oprah's Go-To-Guy For Japanese Food


Managing a top restaurant anywhere can be a stressful job. It is especially most stressful when celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Drake and even One Direction wants to get a table or two reserved. But there is one University of Notre Dame graduate that can handle all that stress. It turns out this person is the go-to guy for celebrities when it comes to Japanese food.

At Crown Perth's Nobu, a maitre d' named Declhan Lee can organize the security placement for these celebrities, inside and outside the restaurant. Declhan is a graduate of marketing and public relations. He knows what to do when a celebrity comes knocking on the Nobu doors, as reported by the Fremantle Gazette. He knows exactly where they should enter and exit, just so they can enjoy the food and the atmosphere the restaurant is known for. Declhan Lee says that one time, a celebrity's security team has asked if they can drive the car right into the lobby if an emergency happens

It all started during his four-week internship at Nobu. He has reportedly helped create an e-commerce venture and would like to do more to increase his profile. He wants to open more marketing and PR opportunities to support the brand.

During a University of Notre Dame interview, Lee says that he is heading to Japan for further studies and earn his masters degree. However, his career with Nobu will still remain but he is only going to work remotely. This graduate hopes to break into the world of international consulting and expand in Japan. He is happy to apply his marketing knowledge to a practical environment.

When asked if he has any advice for those aspiring to do the same, Lee says it is always best to seek and learn. He says there is always time and people can always make time to learn new things.

Watch Crown Perth's Nobu cuisine team in action below:

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