Stanford University Reseach Discovers How Coffee Obsession Can Extend Your Life Span


If you are an avid coffee drinker, then this must be good news for you. A new study finds that your favorite cup of coffee can help boost longevity. The Stanford University research published in the journal Nature suggests that a cup of coffee, as well as tea or mocha can extend your life by fighting underlying inflammatory processes, especially among older people, The Register reported.

Caffeine has been found to block an inflammation pathway that leads to heart disease. The study involved 100 participants who went through extensive assessment which includes providing their family and medical histories, responding to survey questions and giving blood samples. This pathway that is linked to chronic inflammation that contributes to aging and getting some diseases including cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease, according to Big Think.

The team of 20 researchers found that the metabolites, the by-products of nucleic acids are the one that causes the chronic inflammation but can be countered in part by some substances that can be found in caffeine.

Professor Mark Davis, Director of the Stanford Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection and study author said that the association between the reduction in inflammation and caffeine is not casual and that it is very much plausible based on their laboratory tests that caffeine has something to do with longevity. He explained that the underlying inflammatory process that is associated with aging and cardiovascular diseases is something that we can target and combat.

It was not just caffeine that was said to be helpful; a substance called theophylline found in tea and the compound theobromine found in chocolate are also linked to longevity.

While the research does not say that drinking coffee alone is the key to achieve longer life, the researchers would like to dwell on the fact that something many people love to drink actually have a significant benefit to us.

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