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Jan 24, 2017 04:43 AM EST

‘Titanfall 2’ Update Reduces Match Loss Requirements, Boosts Weapon Damage: Game’s Nintendo Switch Release Is Impossible


Players are experiencing several issues in "Titanfall 2." Game developer Respawn Entertainment took note of all those complaints and rolled out a server update this week that fixes numerous bugs and adds notable improvements.

Respawn Entertainment detailed the latest "Titanfall 2" update in a new forum post. Aside from the bug fixes, the patch also increased some weapons' inflicted damage particularly on the Flatline, R-97, Spitfire, L-Star, Double Take, EPG and Thunderbolt.

The direct Pilot hit damage for Gravity Star is also greater than before. The Volt, on the other hand, now has lower damage.

The developer added new logging to better keep track of "Titanfall 2" players' reports of laggy games and disconnects. The requirements for Match Loss Protection are now significantly lower, and players now have a better chance of "not receiving a match loss for joining a game late that we do not expect you to win."

With the new Match Loss Protection, "Titanfall 2" players will get a notification saying that they will not be slapped with a loss if they joined matches while the game is already ongoing.

Fixes introduced by the latest "Titanfall 2" patch include various stability issues, "Fairfight category is incompatible," collision on Crashsite so players won't smash into walls, Legion Overcore unavailability after using Smart Core, poor AI navigation on Complex and Ion Vortex Shield drain dependence on framerate.

In addition, the "Titanfall 2" patch updated Nerfed Pilot Sentry, while assists now qualify as Weapon XP again and Regen can't reset Pilot loadout names anymore. Firestar, meanwhile, will not show "Thermite Attached" if it's detonated on friendly Titans.

"Titanfall 2" is preparing to introduce a new pilot-only mode called Live Fire to its multiplayer. Live Fire is a six-on-six multiplayer game sans Titans, and comes with two maps called Stacks and Meadow.

In other news, some "Titanfall 2" players are wondering whether or not the game would have a Nintendo Switch release. Those hoping for that are in for a huge disappointment, though.

"Titanfall 2" senior designer Mohammad Alavi laughed off a Nintendo Switch release during an interview with YouTube channel Drunk Tech Review, saying that the idea is ridiculous because the game won't be able to fit on the console. Gearbox, the developer of "Borderlands 3," also dismissed a Nintendo Switch release for the game.

What do you think of the latest "Titanfall 2" patch? What do you wish to see in the game in future updates? Share your thoughts below!

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