‘The Sims 4’ Update: Toddlers’ Functions; Vampires Get Bat Forms & Mind Control


In the world of "The Sims," human development jumps from crawling babies to small children, bypassing the toddler stage. The creators have made efforts to fix that and introduced toddlers in this month's "The Sims 4" update.

Toddlers entered the world of "The Sims 4" last week, Electronic Arts and Maxis announced on the game's official website. The latest "The Sims 4" update introduced "over a hundred new animations, dozens of new interactions, and great new suites of outfits and objects."

Like in real-life, toddlers in the popular simulation video game can learn numerous skills from adult Sims such as talking, dancing and using the bathroom. Other Sims can also carry the toddlers around the house or read bedtime stories to them. Check out an adorable video introducing the toddlers in "The Sims 4" below.

Players with a penchant for vampires will get a kick from the "Vampires" Game Pack that will come to "The Sims 4" on Tuesday, Jan. 24. The upcoming Game Pack allows players to create Vampire Sims and customize them with new skintones (one has a washed-out quality that befits creatures that avoid sunlight), eye colors and eyebrows, according to a separate blog post from "The Sims."

Vampire Sims are equipped with special powers that enable them to suck Plasma from sleeping Sims or turn them into Vampires. Those special abilities also allow them to "move around in different forms." Watch a video introducing the Vampire Sims here.

"The Sims 4" Vampires have a unique new Powers progression system. Their Vampire Ranks can increase via dueling, reading Vampire lore and being mentored by other Vampires.

A higher Vampire Rank gives the Sims unique supernatural Powers such as mutating into a bat to travel, vampiric strength, controlling other Sims' minds and slipping into the darkness. These powers, however, have downsides. Players must pick weaknesses for their Vampires as a certain power gets unlocked. This is to ensure balance.

The introduction of the "Vampires" Game Pack in "The Sims 4" also brought a new World called Forgotten Hollow. This world veers away from other "The Sims 4" worlds because it caters to Vampires' needs and has a longer night-time period. Forgotten Hollow is also home to a creeping fog and shriveled plants.

Players can create homes for their Vampires in Forgotten Hollow using Build & Buy Mode objects. Also, there are classic Vampire objects such as coffin beds (where Vampire Sims can have sex on) and pipe organs (that they can play to level up).

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