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Betsy DeVos: What You Need To Know About Trump’s Choice For Secretary of Education


President-elect Donald Trump has selected Betsy De Vos as his secretary of education. It was an unexpected nomination as some people were supportive about it and some were also skeptical.

This is because her track records when it comes to education are not clear except that she is a philanthropist. The only thing that's clear now is her stance on school choice in K-12 education according to Think Progress. She has been a huge supporter of for-profit charter schools and stood in favor of the expansion of vouchers for students to be able to attend private schools. But beyond that, there is still a mystery about her running of the Department of Education. Below are a few things you need to know about DeVos.

1. In her Senate hearing, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) brought up an important issue concerning her 2016 campaign: Free tuition fee for college, and she did not make here opinion on this issue clear, reported USA Today College. When answering to the question, she said that it is an interesting question but nothing in this life is free anymore. She added that they can try to work on making higher education more affordable to those who would like to pursue it.

2. DeVos, being a billionaire, is a huge prolific republican donor because she has spent over $5 just for political contributions in the last 5 years alone.

3. DeVos supports vouchers that would help lower-income students in their tuition for private schools including religious schools. $12,000 are going to be given to these students who will be eligible for the vouchers.

4. DeVos' nomination as a secretary of education is being questioned because of the fact that she never attended a public school, and not even her children.

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