The Pros and Cons of Taking A Double Major In College


Now that you are ready to start college, you may be dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, a writer, a politician, an engineer and so on. Maybe you are considering a field in arts or in science or maybe you have not really decided yet. Your choice in college will have a long term effect in your future career and the rest of your professional life.

However, picking a major is one of the most difficult decisions we make which is why many college students tend to take the option of double majoring. If this is something that you have also given a thought and you want to find out if it is worth it in the end, here are the pros and cons to help you weigh your options.

The Pros:

According to The Lala, taking double major in college can open a wider range of opportunities after graduation, because employers will be able to see that you have two areas of significant knowledge which you were able to complete in college. It can also be an edge for you especially on your resume compared to someone who only has one.

A study in  Vanderbilt University also suggests that students who decided to pursue double majors are more creative and have better dynamic thinking skills.

The Cons:

Most students who took double major in college are not able to graduate on time especially when they add the additional major after they have already started college. There are also employers who are looking at experience over the major choice of the applicant. According to Huffington Post, double majoring will only make a student miss out on a lot of opportunities because of taking additional classes for a second major that might just serve very little or no purpose in the end.

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