Tips On How To Save on College Textbooks


College is costly, and looking for ways to either earn more money to spend or ways to spend a lot less would be really helpful.

In looking for ways to lower college costs and make it more accessible, some have tried finding housing alternatives like building their own or giving free service in exchange for housing. Some work part-time jobs, and others try their hand at receiving scholarships without the need for an essay.

Another way to lessen college costs revolves around the issue of textbooks. Yup, textbooks might be quite necessary for your studies, but that doesn't necessarily mean forking out large amounts of money for it. There are some things you can do to save on college textbooks.

Interested? Then let Uloop's Nayra Mendoza, a junior majoring in International Relations - Business and minoring in Journalism at St. Edward's University, help you do that..

"Be ready to lose"

What Mendoza means by this is you should plan ahead. Overestimate the amount of money you will need for your textbooks so that when you get to buy them, you'll do so in a price lower than you expected. You may not actually save but you'll feel like it. Still, better prepared than not.

"Get your books after your first day"

Don't go thinking that you have to have your books on the first day of class, Mendoza says. The first day is usually spent with the teacher explaining his/her rules and expectations. And yes, there will be teachers who will recommend a different book. Better wait for the teacher-recommended title before buying the wrong one.

"Share with a classmate"

If you can find a willing classmate, offer to share the book and the cost of purchasing it. Not only do you save at least half, you also get to have a study buddy who can help you process what you learn. Neat.

"Rent before you buy"

Renting is a great alternative to buying a new book outright. Sure, the book might not be yours, but you don't get to spend top dollar for it either. Renting can give you great savings: Chegg promises that you can rent a book and save up to 90% compared to buying one. And if ever you decide to keep the book you're renting, you can opt to buy it. Yes, for a cheap price too.

"Buy the e-book"

E-books normally cost lower than paperback or hardbound, and they also weigh way lighter than hard copy. Put them in your phone or laptop, and you get to carry an otherwise 6-pound textbook if you didn't. Environment-friendly too.

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