Google Home or Amazon Echo? Compare Design, Sound Quality, Functionality and More!


Google Home has gained attention since day one due to its similarities with Amazon Echo. How do they compare?

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: The Design

Both Google and Amazon brilliantly design their home assistants in a way that they could respectively meet personal taste. Google Home has a sleek-looking appearance with wraparound grille whilst Amazon Echo with its taller figure comes in pitch black color.

Both, Echo and Home, are minimalist but Echo's smaller dimensions and white color could actually be able to blend more with whatever style of interior there is.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: The Sound Quality

At a price of $180, Echo delivers crisper sound quality compared to Google Home. The latter offers rich bass but fails to minimize distortion when it plays loudly. For users who want to place the AI in a large room, Echo is the solid choice.

Both offer streaming from Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn. While Google Home gets to play music from YouTube and Google Play, Echo streams Amazon Prime and iHeartRadio, according to CNET.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Functionality

When it comes to who is smarter between the smart-speakers, Google Home takes the throne. The voice recognition is shown better in Home and with Google's huge database, the AI can answer all of the questions thrown at it. Users can also group a few speakers with Home in multiple rooms simultaneously.

At a price of $129, Google Home offers pretty much everything that anyone needs in a digital assistant. However, one main drawback on the device is the lack of streaming via Bluetooth, which allows Echo to win in the connectivity department.


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