Vizio Crave 360, Pro: New Ability Makes The Speaker A Better Buy than Sonos, Amazon Echos


Vizio just added a useful feature to its Crave 360 and Pro models.

Play songs from Spotify and cast to Crave speakers

Vizio Crave 360 and Crave Pro can now tune Spotify playlist and create mini-concert at home. SlashGear has learned that the stylish speakers have distinguished the devices from the rest of the company's products.

The update initially rolled out on Dec. 25 and Crave owners can update via Wi-Fi or USB drive. Official Vizio blog explains that with the new ability, users can open Spotify from any of their devices and cast to the speaker - just like how Chromecast works.

However, there's a price to pay as users have to own Spotify Premium account for $9.99 that includes 30-day trial for free.

Vizio Crave 360 and Crave Pro

Crave 360 itself has an aesthetically pleasing design in gray color that easily blends in with any interior shade. The look is much similar to Amazon Echo with cylindrical shape and its portable nature.

The 360 model is 360-degree sound speaker - that's meant to be mobile with wireless charging feature and 8-hour battery life. It comes with a stylish leather strap for carrying the device.

The more premium alternative is Vizio's Crave Pro. It has an elegant aluminum finish with 2.1 audio and dual subwoofer but does not include any battery. Both devices have glass touch pad for controlling volume, resume playback or pause.

However, users can download Smartcast app for Android and iOS for easier controlling the device.

Vizio's multiroom speakers could be a great alternative to Sonos and the new update should be able to deliver better audio experience.

Check out Vizio 360 review in the video below!


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