Google Allo v5.0 Incorporates Custom Chrome Tabs And Adds Personalized Selfie Sticker Packs [Video]


The general consensus for every Google Allo update come feature no one seems to ask for, the latest iteration of the app, Google Allo v5.0 is not an exception.

Google Allo v5.0 Custom Chrome Tabs

The new version, Google Allo v5.0 is now available on the Google Play Store. The new version now comes with Custom Chrome Tabs that users can use for viewing web pages without leaving the app. Android Police reported that upon doing a teardown of the new app update, they found a new personalized selfie sticker packs in the works as well.

Google Allo v5.0 now has a toggle in its Settings screen giving users a choice between Custom Tabs or use their own preferred browser. Accordingly, Chrome Custom Tabs are enabled by default. The feature is automatically activated after updating from an older version. All the user has to do, as specified above, is to change the settings if they would want to use their preferred system browser.

Google Allo v5.0 personalized selfie sticker packs

The added feature could both be a boon or a bane for some. Regardless of which side of the fence the user may be at, the feature is incorporated in the Google Allo v5.0 update. The app APK spells it out clearly that the feature will allow users to take selfies and Allo will produce sticker packs based on the image taken.

It is advised to take a "neutral" expression since the app will render a random sticker based on the expression. The teardown report also made mention that image generation using the sticker packs happen on Google's servers, not on the device. It is not clear if the same can be generated when a user is offline. Additionally, the feature is similar to that of Whatsapp or Snapchat.

Google Allo v5.0 feedback

Google will ask users for feedback after users made custom stickers in Google Allo v5.0. If it is all that important, it will help Google to improve the quality of their algorithm, according to 9To5Google. The response would be beneficial most especially if the generated sticker is far off from the real image after being "automagically" made.

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