Lag Issues After Google Gboard Update; Google Addresses Issue [Video]


Google recently redesigned its keyboard for Android devices and named the new iteration as Gboard. However, since the new application's release, many users have complained about having lag issues when using the new app.

Since its launch, the keyboard has been well received among the many choices of many keyboard apps in the Play Store. Along with its rebranding to Gboard, Google added extra features highly anticipated by users such as multiple active languages and integrated search. The new features pushed Gboard to be downloaded well over 500 million joining apps having similar download volumes such as Photos, Dropbox, and Super-Bright LED Flashlight, according to Android Police.

Although the Gboard interface is smooth, many users complained having lag issues, there were reported incidents where the keyboard was rendered unusable. According to one Reddit user named Kemphis, any app that requires typing opens and then locks the phone, once opened again the keyboard lags. The report continues saying that the problem persists until the user returns to the home screen and open Gboard back up.

Other issues encountered by users aside from the Gboard lag cite the keyboard would not register taps. Accordingly, its word suggestions and autocorrect feature would freeze the phone entirely.

Addressing the reported issues, Google released an update for Gboard that is supposed to solve these lag issues users complained of since its release. Although the official changelog of Gboard has not been detailed in Google Play, those who have downloaded the update reported that the lagging problem has been solved, reported Phone Arena.

After installing the new Gboard version update, there should no longer be problems with text input, switching between languages, and word suggestions. For those who might not be aware, the update is available right now at Google Play Store. It is advised for users to update to the latest version to be spared of encountered bugs from the previous version.

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