Department Of Defense Partners With Chicago City Colleges To Teach Students Cyber Security


Hacking is a threat to a lot of industries today. Cyber crimes are happening even without anyone knowing it. And fraud or theft is usually the motive. Which is why the students in Chicago's City Colleges are being trained how to hack.

On Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a few federal representatives announced that City College students are going to be taught how to defend computers from hackers. This is all possible because of a partnership focused on cyber security.

Mayor Emanuel has proposed to launch a pilot program in cyber security training, as reported by DNA Info. The pilot program will be funded by the money left unclaimed by the city's tax rebate effort. The pot is said to hold $1 million. According Emanuel, the training would continue even after President-elect Donald Trump swears in as the next President of the United States.

Emanuel explains that the need for this type of training is a national need and it is going to be permanent. And he is excited to partner with the Department of Defense, as reported by the Chicago Sun Times.

The issue of cyber security right now is a major one. And that is why Mayor Emanuel is excited to launch this initiative that will enable these students to learn defensive acts as well as gain access to employment in the field.

During an interview with Chicago Sun Times, Emanuel says that he wants to prepare Chicago locals for employment that can pay well. He explains that the jobs from this type of field can provide up to $80,000 a year. In addition, the Chicagoan mayor said there will be 10,000 jobs coming to the city.

The cyber security training is going to start at Wright College. The students at the college will be working on how to secure computer networks alongside active military personnel.

The controversy surrounding the alleged hack in the U.S. elections also prompted the need for the training. Check out the related news clip from Fox Business below:

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