The Difference In Studying Abroad Now And 20 Years Ago


There are students who are eager to study abroad but according to reports, there is a difference between students who aspire to study abroad compared to the number of students who actually went off to study. Students would either continue a portion of their academic years abroad or pursue a full course. And sometimes accessibility, comfort-ability and culture play a factor.

According to a finding based on a survey from 1,004 students by the Sentio Research Group, they found that Norwegian students between 2015 to 2016 - only 10 percent were studying abroad, as reported by University World News.

Part of the reason why students want to study abroad is because in the last few years, it has become easier to do so, as reported by The Yorker. Now, it is easier to go global. With the information available online and the resources made available to encourage foreign students, studying abroad has become easier. And this 10 percent is considerably willing to commit to the change of environment.

Abigail Fedorovsky, a marketing director, talked to a current student from Oxford University and a former student from Bristol University to find out how different it is now. In her conversation, she found that in order to study in Russia in the 1980's, they had to be interviewed in Leeds first because they needed to make sure that he was prepared to go to Russia which was the Soviet Union at the time. Now, studying to Russia is easier because Oxford has set up a link for the first -timers.

Towns and cities are starting to recognize the needs of foreign students and the students are immersed in the culture and made aware of how different it is from their home land. From the food to the accommodations, foreign students now find it easier compared to before.

Studying abroad has indeed changed over time but the important thing the publication stresses is that it is important to be culturally aware when spending one's academic years abroad.

In other news, watch this TEDx talk about why studying abroad is important:

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