9 Year Old Kid Attends Community College of Allegheny County


Like any other nine year old boys, William Maillis likes to play video games, play sports and hang out with friends. But Maillis is different in one way. He is extraordinary in academics.

That is because at just nine years of age he is already enrolled in college. Maillis is already taking a full set of classes at the Community College of Allegheny County. And right now, it seems this bright kid is already working on his own theories as to how the universe was created.

When his father, Peter Maillis, realized that he could recite the Greek, Spanish, French, Hebrew and English alphabets at the age of five, he realized his son was special, as reported by the Greek Reporter. And at just six months old, he already started identifying numbers and was able to speak in complete sentences at just 7 months old.

To make sure everything is up and running normally, his family consulted with a college psychologist. He is declared as a pure genius after taking an IQ test.

After graduating from Penn-Trafford High School, William is not bothered that he is the youngest student in class. This young genius plans to head off to Carnegie Mellon University when he turns 10. And already he wants to prove to everybody that there is a force out there capable of forming the cosmos, as reported by People.

In college, he does not get special treatment. The topics he is learning are the same as everyone else. Aaron Hoffman, William's history professor, discusses topics such as the Holocaust and wars. According to Hoffman, if the kid is attending college then he will take up college-level materials.

But Hoffman did note one peculiar thing about Maillis. He does not take notes during class. Instead, he reads, listens and absorbs the lessons.

Regardless of his genius level, his father says that he is just like any other normal kid. He still loves to play video games and watch television like other nine year old kids.

Watch the video of William Maillis below where he plans to be an astrophysicist in the future:

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