‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Update: Why Hailee Steinfeld ‘No Show’ In PP3 Promo? Treblemaker Ben Platt Got Ditched In The Third Movie [SPOILERS]

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On June 5, "Pitch Perfect" mainstay Rebel Wilson surprised fans with a reunion photo featuring PP3 alums. Another photo surface in the internet via Anna Kendrick's Instagram account. Meanwhile, the reunion pictures is lacking one important cast member, Hailee Steinfeld.

Steinfeld first appeared in "Pitch Perfect" second sequel as Emily Junk, Bustle wrote. Her presence is noticeably missing in the PP3 reunion photos shared online. PP3 fans are quick to ask her whereabouts. Some even doubted her casting in the third movie installation.

However, talks about Steinfeld's casting in the "Pitch Perfect" movie are just speculations. The actress has already confirmed her appearance in the third sequel. She is even one of the first cast members to confirm their participation in the upcoming movie.

The most probable reason of Steinfeld's absence is her schedule. The "Pitch Perfect" star is spotted at the Golden Globes ceremony last week. She is also busy promoting her single and attending to her music career. Moreover, the reunion photo is less of a proof that Emily Junk's character has been junked. The PP3 taping has not even commenced yet which means there are still lots of times for her to catch up.

Meanwhile, Ben Platt or Benji of "Pitch Perfect" 1 and 2 talked to People and revealed some aca-mazing stories in their tapings. Platt has spilled some top secrets of her co-stars and looked back on how his career fared since his "Pitch Perfect" debut.

And for the sad part, Platt revealed in the interview that his character Benji did not receive a callback. He is not coming back for the "Pitch Perfect" Part 3 to join Ana Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. PP3 mainly focuses on the life of Barden Bellas after college. However, many good things are still waiting for the actor. He said that he hopes his character had found a wonderful wife who appreciates his strangeness, and that he is raising lots of children and coaching them how to sing in five-part harmony.

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