‘Avatar SAGA’: ‘Avatar 2: Travel To Pandora’ Release Date, Update: James Cameron Plan Revealed; Sigourney Weaver Thinks Otherwise; Simultaneous Release Dates Possible? [SNEAK PEAK]


"Avatar 2: Travel To Pandora" is reportedly having simultaneous releases after its premier in 2017. Reports claim that the reason the movies previous delays is part of James Cameron's tactic in surprising the Avatar fan base. Known for his adventurous humor in unveiling what is on his mind, the Avatar Director is keeping everything up his sleeves keep up the hype for the upcoming movie.

In an interview with Sigourney Weaver, the actress scrupled the talks about Cameron's slated plans. The actress revealed that the crew has not started anything yet for the Avatar sequel, according to Breath Cast. Weaver even expressed her misgivings about the feasibility of "Avatar 2's 2018 release but she is quick to assure fans that it will be very exciting.

Going back to 2018 release date, Fox has already reserved the Dec. 21, 2018 slate for a Cameron headliner filming production, Slash Film reported. Yet the title remained classified. However, this date is relatively connected to "Avatar 2" tentative showing which is also under Cameron's lead.

If "Avatar 2" Dec. 21, 2018 release date actually pushed through, Fox's revelation last April 2016 would actually stand to reason as the beginning of Avatar Saga. The reveal states that Avatar 3 will show in 2020, Avatar 4 in Q4 of 2022, and Avatar 5 in 2023.

As for now, Disneyworld released a preview to its Avatar-themed park opening soon. The high-end amusement park will be called "Travel To Pandora" which is also rumored to be the season 2 title for "Avatar 2." The snippet features a very familiar world which was first seen on the "Avatar" movie. Looking closely to the details and technology used in creating Pandora, "Avatar" fans can double up the expectation for the coming sequel which will surely host a better and more fascinating effects.

Check out this "Avatar 2: Travel To Pandora" behind the Scenes at Disneyworld video below.

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