Oxford University Invites Actress Katrina Kaif And More Celebrities As Speaker For Debate Society


Katrina Kaif is considered to be one of Bollywood's highest paid actresses. Aside from being known for her roles in Hindi cinema films, she is also known for her charitable works.

Which is why Oxford University has invited Katrina Kaif to be a speaker in the school's debating society. The society is called The Oxford Union.

Kaif is just one of the people in a long list of prominent individuals in the world of media, culture and sports, as reported by Images. Oxford University's decision to invite Katrina Kaif was based on her successful career as an actress, and her modeling career with various known brands.

Also her involvement with Relief Projects India is something the university is looking at because it raises awareness to improve women and children's rights, as reported by Oxford Student.

The Oxford Union is eager to invite more prominent speakers this year to open a discussion and debate on particular issues. As well as exchanging ideas and solutions. The Oxford Union holds no particular political views. It invites personalities and authorities from all over to discuss controversial issues. This debating society is known for its quality and impacting debates. British Conservative Michael Heseltine describes the union as an institution that absorbs the greatest diversity coming from the most outspoken and non-conformist people which are the guiding principles of the Union's foundation.

Kaif is just one of the many Bollywood actors who are sending waves of progress in the west. Other individuals who are joining Kaif are "House of Cards" own Robin Wright, Roberto Cavalli - a well known fashion designer, Grammy winner Kid Cudi and many more.

Previous speakers' include former United States Presidents Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, UK Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and David Cameron, Mother Teresa, Jon Bon Jovi, Nick Jonas, Mark Webber, Ben Affleck, Ewan McGregor, Dame Judi Dench and many more. Watch the video below for more speakers:

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