Highest Paid Graduates Come From These Colleges


Some wonder why other professionals get paid more even when they have the same job description or work in the same job industry. What is the difference? It looks like there are colleges that churn out graduates.

In some cases, some professionals point to luck, networking or privilege as to why some end up earning more than others. But according to the Department of Education, there are some universities and colleges that put out highest paid graduates.

The Department of Education's analysts pooled data from graduate students a decade after their enrollment. The list created by the Department features the top spots being taken by pharmacy, medical and health science majors, as reported by Metro.

The number one spot is taken by Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport. Its former students earn a median salary of $186,500. Second place goes to SUNY Downstate Medical Center with a median salary of $186,500. Third place goes to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with a median salary of $118,000.

Some may think that going into an Ivy league school would earn you a huge annual pay check. However, in the top ten round up, Harvard University in Cambridge took the eighth spot with a median salary of $95,500 and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge gets the ninth spot with a median salary of $89,200.

The top ten list created by the Department of Education shows evidence that a university degree is a factor for a return in investment. Students do weigh the cost tuition and educational fees against their potential earnings after graduation. The costs and benefits of higher education can be daunting.

Also, the College Scorecard includes a list of public institutions that are not solely on medical, health care or pharmaceutical majors. The top spot goes to the United States Merchant Marine academy with an investment of about $5,000 with a typical earning of $82,000, as reported by College Scorecard.

Want to know what some of the highest paid jobs are? Check out this video from Mind Chop:

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