Transparent iPhone 8, AR Glasses: Technology Breakthroughs that Will Shock the World; Among the New Apple Patent for 2017 [VIDEO]


Year by year, Apple introduces new breakthroughs in technology and the perfect example is the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 released in September. For this year, Apple is reportedly releasing AR glasses and translucent iPhone 8 based on the new patents for 2017. See full details here!

Translucent iPhone 8 for 2017

A translucent smartphone is most probably the newest trend in the market that painstakingly lead by no other than the Cupertino giant Apple. According to The Verge, aside from the bezel-less and OLED screened iPhone 8, the phone could also come with a flexible surface and filled with holes or small gaps between them.

Accordingly, this new Apple patent for 2017 indicates a concept of putting a screen inside a screen where the phone might become a "window" where users see objects from the other side through the phone. Furthermore, this kind of concept has also hypothetically provided solutions to the silly problems such as the cluttering speakers, microphones and light sensors that could be hidden under the glass screen.

Although this reportedly new Apple patent for 2017 does not proved anything, it is apparent that Apple wants to do away smartphones with bezel. For this reason, it is presumed that an "all-screen" phone is highly possible.

Apple is Working with Carl Zeiss for Augmented Reality Glasses

In a series of interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook has always been expressive regarding on his interest regarding Augmented Reality. In fact, during an interview with Good Morning America in September, he said that Augmented Reality is bigger than Virtual Reality and it will be much better; however, he added that it will be a big challenge for them because of the technologies require but he assures that it will happen anytime soon.

In relative to Cook's statement, Apple has recently reported to be working with Carl Zeiss for the upcoming Augmented Reality glasses according to New York Magazine. However, this claim is not verified because the news came from the Twitter Account of Robert Scable who as noted by the publication, does not have the credibility at all to report such things about tech. 

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