AMD Vega 10: Poised to Bury NVIDIA GTX 1080; New Release Date Revealed in a Leak [VIDEO]


To say that AMD is too late in releasing an NVIDIA GTX rival is not true. In fact, there's a big chance that the company will bury NVIDIA's most powerful GPU for gaming with their upcoming AMD Vega 10 GPU, which is said to pack high-performance specs. See full details here for the release date!

AMD Vega 10 Leaked Information

AMD has been left behind by NVIDIA when it comes to providing high-end GPUs for gaming. However, this fact is likely to change any moment from now, because AMD is heading towards releasing their most powerful GPUs to bury the existing NVIDIA GTX 1080.

The next-generation GPUs of AMD have been kept under wraps for the past months and was only revealed during the company's CES presentation. According to The Country Caller, AMD has been kind enough to let the viewers have a sneak peek on the GPU that runs 4K gaming.

The engineering sample of AMD Vega 10 was presented to the viewers and they found out that the design of the graphics card has involved a Radeon logo located on the side. In addition, an Ethernet port is also noticeable in an extended PCB for AMD to analyze and to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

On the other hand, the PCI-e connector has been covered to not let internet detectives deduce the power requirements because the product is still subject to improvement. AMD Vega 10 is reportedly offering 64 NCUs with TFLOPS for single precision and 750 GFLOPS for double precision.

AMD Vega 10 Release Date

Vega 10 GPUs, the first ones to utilize the new architecture of AMD, is expected to hit the store shelves in the last months of Q3 2017, according to PC Perspective. The GPU is said to come with a higher price compared to its predecessor because of its high-performing specs, but not as expensive as NVIDIA GTX 1080. 

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