Battlefield 1 Skilled Players Getting Ban For Alleged Cheating


Battlefield 1 skilled players are getting ban from the game. It seems cheat detector software has flagged them as cheaters.

Skilled Players Report Ban

Some Battlefield 1 skilled players are complaining that they are getting kicked out of game for playing so well, according to Kotaku. Some of those banned aired their gripe in various online forums Reddit and YouTube.  Some of the bans were temporary while others were permanent. This is not a recent problem though some of the bans were given out last year.

Meet FairFight

Battlefield 1 uses and cheat detection software called FairFight. It determines cheating through Algorithmic Analysis of Player Statistics or AAPS. This feature basically compares real time data to average skill level. It's possible though that some players are doing so well in the game that the software assessed them as cheaters.

FairFight also evaluates events for their probability. The algorithm determines if the player's action is possible without the aid of cheating. Some of the suspected cheat events include a large amount of kills or shots made from a very far distances. It is quite possible though the software and the developer may have underestimated the skills and tenacity of its hardcore players. Some critics believed that the anti-cheat software is somehow broken and in need of repair.

Players Appealing Ban

Some of the banned players have managed to have a chat with DICE producer Ali Hasoon. It is uncertain though if all of the falsely banned players can get back to the game. Still, there is no harm in trying  to get unban.

Battlefield 1 Details

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter game and the latest installment in the series. The World War I inspired title was released on October 21, 2016. It's also currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game features both single player campaign and multiplayer mode.  Players can choose from six playable characters.

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