Windows 10 Game Mode Stepping Stone For Merging PC And Xbox Gaming Under One OS


Windows 10 game mode is reportedly Microsoft's attempt to enhance the gaming experience for PC players. It is also seen as a step closer in making Windows PC and Xbox games run under a single operating system (OS).

What Does it Do?

Twitter user WalkingCat posted a tweet about a "gamemode.dll" file included in the latest Windows 10 build. He claimed that the feature will tell both the processor and graphic card's to prioritize its resource allocations. Both systems will devote most of its available resources to currently running games in the PC. This will ensure players of a smooth gameplay and user experience. The Windows 10 game mode is actually based on the Xbox OS method of allocating resources for games.

Feature Update

Microsoft has not yet activated this feature as of press time. Industry experts believed though that a working version will be included in the next Creators update, according to Windows Central. The upcoming feature does not have much official information. There are speculations, that the game mode is a possible Windows Store exclusive. Many are hoping though, that the upcoming feature will also include Windows 10 games coming from Steam and Origin.

Experts believed that Microsoft is intent on merging the OS for both the Windows PC and Xbox consoles. Which means the Windows 10 game mode is intended for distribution to as many people as possible.


Officially, the upcoming feature is intended to improve Windows PC gaming experience. It is also seen as one more step in making both PC and Xbox games running under a single OS. Playing a single game title on two compatible platforms is a very powerful incentive for any developer. Incidentally, the Windows Company also has a game development studio. It seems Microsoft has a very bright future in video games market. Perhaps Sony and Nintendo should be worried right now.

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