'Half Life 3' won't be An RTS Game and Here's Why


It's been a decade since Valve launched "Half Life 2: Episode Two" and every single information about the game franchise has taken the internet by storm.

"Half Life 3" prototype rumor

The latest news about "Half Life 3" talks about a game prototype that Valve has reportedly - and secretly - been developing. Metro has noted that the testing includes an RTS (real-time strategy) game which everyone quickly assumes that "Half Life" is heading towards a new adventure.

Before there's any confirmation to corroborate it, another report suggests that "Half Life 3" might involve live action actors, instead.

Since there is no official update about the matter, RTS approach should be taken with a grain of salt. The game has been an FPS and by making it an RTS would be creating a completely different experience.

There is no word to ensure that Valve will be making "Half Life 3" an RTS title and even if the team has developed a new game, it can be argued that they take the game as an experiment to create another title, just like how "Portal" was a product of Valve's experiment with "Half Life".

However, if "Half Life 3" is indeed, an RTS title, an old piece of article from last year would corroborate the speculation. In November, there's been a rumor that Valve was experimenting with new techy stuffs inside their workshop. It is speculated that there could be a monumental change coming with the game, given such a long time gap.

There may not be any "Half Life" sooner or later

"Half Life 3" is reportedly in the making since 2004 and according to Ubergizmo, the game franchise may not exist albeit the hype that fans have created so far. For now, whether the "Half Life" installment turns out to be RTS or live action, everything remains to be seen.


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