'Deadpool 2' Cast, Plot: Wolverine, Not Cable, to Appear in A Flashback Scene; More X-Men Appearances as Budget Reportedly Increases


"Deadpool 2" could see X-Men members coloring the scenes as huge budget is thrown for the sequel.

"Deadpool 2" Plot: Wolverine might be Featured in A Flashback Scene

If there is one mutant that the fans are dying to see in "Deadpool 2", that would be Wolverine. As a reminder, Deadpool was Weapon XI in "X-Men Origins" when he fought (and got defeated by) Wolverine.

Previously, there is an assumption that Cable might introduce Wade Wilson to X-Men universe but Wolverine could also be a perfect fit for the plot. Ryan Reynolds has hinted Wolverine appearance by not giving any firm answer when News Australia asked if Jackman will pop up in the sequel. However, X-Men fans should not expect another battle between the two mutants.  

"Deadpool 2" Plot: More X-Men to Appear in The Sequel

This speculation has something to do with the increasing budget to make "Deadpool 2". "Deadpool" has earned $316 million worldwide. While Paul Wernick insists that the sequel won't get a big budget, Fox threw huge budgets, up to $180, for "Ant-Man" and "Captain America".

With "Deadpool" receiving global success, there is a huge possibility that Fox will up the amount. That being the case, Deadpool fans can expect a few from X-Force team to make an appearance, according to HuffingtonPost.

Many have assumed that Cable holds a strong position in connecting Deadpool to X-force but during an interview with Collider, writer Rhett Reese clearly expressed how Cable could complicate the timeline.

"Deadpool 2" Release Date

The next installment will be released on January 12, 2018.

Meanwhile, check out Deadpool's fight with Wolverine in "X-Men Origins"

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