'Half Life 3' Release Date Delayed: Expect A Totally Different Game as Valve Still Sees How It Fits?


When it comes to VR experiments, Valve seems to know what they are playing with. The "Half Life" video game developer has been working with various instruments in its lab but does it involve "Half Life 3"?

"Half Life 3" release date is approaching?

During an interview with Kotaku, Valve programmer Jeep Barnett has indicated that there are many possibilities of the games that Valve will be releasing in the future, including "Half Life 3."

The lab is exploring new stuff, from launcher to VR headsets, and there could be different designs as the result of the experiments. He took an example of "Portal" which was a product that Valve launched after experimenting with "Half Life."

Going further with the detail, Kotaku asked the programmer whether or not there will be a VR game for "Half Life." Barnett said that the developer is absolutely on its way to virtual reality but there is no definite schedule for that due to the lack of human resources and time.

"Half Life 3" VR

The Portal VR demoed by Valve seems to indicate that there will be a "Half Life 3" for VR, but there is absolutely no legitimate clue for the installment release date, Gamingbolt has learned. Many game analysts have speculated that if it take so long for the dev to make the sequel, there is probably a monumental change coming to "Half Life 3."

Any update on "Half Life 3" release will be good news for the fans; however, Valve and its experiments might still be focusing on how the Vive VR could enhance the player's experience. Furthermore, according to Express UK, Valve has even confirmed that "Half Life 3" will not be in VR.

This could also mean that the odds are slim for the next "Half Life" to be launched anytime soon.

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