GTX 1080 Ti Tempting Hardware in Tow Reportedly Outpaces Titan X; What to Expect on March Release Date


GTX 1080 Ti is nowhere to be seen at the CES 2017 but it seems that Nvidia has another event to schedule the graphics card launch.

The Vega 10 showed off by AMD at CES was an impressive beast but the gamers are looking forward to Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti in particular due to the powerhouse it's expected to have. Forbes has learned that when GeForce GTX 1080 Ti was used for the high-end GP102, it potentially wins over the Titan X in terms of performance and score.

Earlier reports mention the specs of GTX 1080 Ti, including the 16nm process with CUDA cores between 2560 and 3584. It will likely rock 10 GB GDDR5X VRAM and 320-bit memory.

A few reports including one from Extreme Tech claimed that Nvidia could be waiting for AMD to reveal the price of its latest top-notch graphics card. However, it is highly unlikely that Nvidia would do such move to decide the price. Both companies have been in competitive mood as long as the gaming community can remember and Nvidia has been known to bring beast cards for high-end market.

There is not much to reveal about the price as of this moment but the GTX 1080 already sports premium architecture, which brings Ti variant to the possibility of a cost above $699. To put into perspective, the GTX 1080 MSRP costs $599 and gamers have to pay an extra $100 for the Founder edition.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Release Date

Nvidia will most likely introduce the GTX 1080 Ti at PAX East on March 10. This has been mentioned several times in numerous reports including reports from TweakTown and Fudzilla. A few sources have even reported more detail about the event, by stating that there will be plenty of stocks as the graphics card will be available in all major AIB partners at the event - probably with their own custom versions, too.


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