AMD X300, X370 Review: Innovation Riding on Ryzen CPU; More Hints on Vega Card [VIDEO]


AMD has finally shown off its masterpieces at CES 2017 and gamers should be ready to craft a beast-performing PC with these chips.

AMD introduced X300 and X370 at CES 2017

AMD has brought computers for display at the biggest consumer electronics exhibition and each comes with X370 and X300 chipsets under the hood. The motherboards with X370 system packs more punch than the X300 for overclocking and multiple graphics cards inside.

Both chips have dual-channel DDR4 storage and they also support USB 3.1 and 3.2., according to Tomshardware. AMD equips the chips with cooling feature with cooler brackets manufactured by 15 companies.

PC manufacturers will soon be able to unleash PCs crafted with AM4 computers and Ryzen processor in Q1 2017.

AMD Vega: The wait isn't over

Many enthusiasts expected AMD to reveal more about the rumored RX 490 but sadly, the company hasn't yet to give what gamers desperately need. AMD, however, teased a few of AMD Vega tech specs at CES.

As far as the performance is concerned, Vega architecture will most likely take on Nvidia Titan. The super-fast graphics card is reportedly using advanced geometry pipeline to enable 2.75 times more boost, Shacknews has learned.

The Vega-based card was demoed on stage during CES. It was used for "Doom" on 4K using a PC. The result was astonishing after GPU was clocked at 70 FPS. The rumor is apparently true, that the Vega's performance is on par with GTX 1080 and Titan X.

As of this moment, there is no further detail on the price or release date. However, given the show-off at CES, the launch of this new Vega card should be imminent. And after Nvidia has released a few premium chips earlier, AMD should have thought on keeping up with its rival.

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