AMD Vega RX 500 Preview: Is This The RX 490 You've Been Waiting For?


The pipeline of AMD Vega and Polaris based cards seem to be clear. The chips are reportedly the future of mobility chips and here's the detail!

A recent leak has given clues on what AMD has in store for the gamers. RX 500 series are all set after a leak shows that it is placed under the hood of Lenovo Y520 laptop. A few sources claim that the RX 560M may come out as more powerful than any other chip due to its efficiency and performance.

A Vega architecture is used to craft the RX 560M and the configuration seems to indicate four times efficiency and high bandwidth cache.

This information doesn't corroborate with the rumors circulating through the web previously, which claimed that AMD will likely launch RX 490 - a Vega 10 graphics card - at the CES 2017. With the new report pointing at Radeon RX 500, it can be argued that the new architecture may be the card series with a discreet scheme, or, the card which many have thought as the RX 490 with double GPU.

Another report hints at maximum computing performance of the upcoming GPU. AMD RX 500 is said to include Instinct MI25 graphics accelerator, WccFtech reported. The 12.5 Tflops will put the card on par with GTX 1080.

The RX 500 is said to be the RX 490 that gamers have been waiting for. It will arrive with 16 GB of VRAM on board. There is, however, a 8 GB model for the non-heavy users. Other configurations include HBM2 Interface and two stacks of 2048 bit memory bus.

The GPU is expected to be unveiled at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, according to Digital Trends. It's just a matter of hours until we see the Vega architecture comes to live.

Stay tuned for more information on AMD RX 490 or RX 500.

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