College Life Made Healthy: How To Have A Gluten Free Diet On A Student Budget


If you think that keeping a gluten-free diet at a university is impossible, well then, it's not.

Many people opt to go gluten-free because of the many health benefits it offers but it may not sound budget friendly as you have to be mindful of what to eat and what not to eat. This is most especially true when you are a college student who is outside the comfort of your own home, where managing your meals and finances can be a bit tough.

But with a little practice and creativity, choosing to go gluten free on a student budget is just going to be easy with these helpful tips.

Start from scratch

It can't be so hard to cook from scratch if you have a recipe in front of you, according to The Guardian. There are plenty of gluten-free recipes (on a budget) that you can look up online so that you can find inspiration for some new dishes.

Cook in bulk

Cooking can be pretty daunting at first when you are not used to it and it's a lot easier to go for a ready meal but it's better if you get used to cooking in batches, according to the Glutten Free Blogger. If you have already chosen a recipe, make your own and divide it into portions which you can keep in the fridge. This is going to be your go-to meal when you suddenly feel hungry and lazy.

Avoid "free from" products

If you really wish to save money, choose the naturally gluten free foods like potatoes and rice rather than buying gluten free pasta and noodles which can actually be more expensive. Even when you cook from scratch, don't choose the ingredients that says they are gluten free because they are more costly.

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