Next ‘Star Trek 4’ Update: Chris Hemsworth Ditches Movie Cancellation Rumors; Zoey Zaldana Toss Her Side Of Story [VIDEO]


"Star Trek 4" is not going anywhere but Chris Hemsworth is coming back for sure in the movie. Hemsworth made a very short appearance in the previous installment of the movie. The actor confirmed reprising his role and shared how J.J. Abrams tipped him for his comeback.

Remember when Hemsworth graced the "Star Trek" movie playing a small part and saying few lines. Those were the days when he was far from the megastar he is today. He played the role of George Kirk who is the father of James Tiberius who is played by another Chris by the name Pines, according to Cinema Blend. This father made himself as a sacrifice to save the mother of James. The audience has not paid attention in that storyline but the actually equates to death for the character.

Recently, J.J. Abrams is quoted to re-introduce the character of George Kirk in the next installment. This is going to be a total reboot for "Star Trek" series and will make original storyline quite complicated. However, we have to see how the director will manage to integrate the comeback of Hemsworth's character in the "Star Trek 4."

On the other hand, Zoey Zaldana has shared what she hopes for the movie regarding the movie cancellation rumors. Zaldana told IGN that the box-office turn out of the film must not limit the longevity of "Star Trek" films and that she really want to do "Star Trek 4."

The "Star Trek" actress shared how she felt when people started talking how amazing "Star Trek Beyond" has been. She then repeated how she loved the film to continue until she, her co-stars and staff turn to their fifties or sixties.

Do you share the same sentiments with Zoey? What can you say about Chris's return? Tell us in the comment box below.


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