‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3 Release Date: Jan. 9 Playdate Cancelled; Morty’s Hors D'Oeuvre Narrative Revealed In A New Leak; Could We See Plumbus 2.0? [SPOILERS]

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"Rick And Morty" Creator Justin Roiland took to Twitter his response to the reports claiming that "Rick And Morty" Season returns Jan. 9. According to Roiland, he would be the first one to know when the third installment of "Rick And Morty" arrives. He even throws a quick jab at disappointed fans to murder him referring to Jodie Arias murder in his uncanny humor.

"Rick And Morty" Season 3: Morty and his Hors D'Oeuvre

The report originated in a listing posted by IMDb which has been removed at press time. However, to relieve "Rick And Morty" fans from disappointment, Roiland tweeted an official record draft script page of Season 3. It shows that Morty is having this conversation about party codes with Summer. Both are conceited regarding their party preference and the situation seems to be cold.

"Rick And Morty" Season 3: The New Plumbus 2.0

However, the Season 3 draft script page shows an interesting clue about Morty's storyline. It was emphasized in the page view and labeled with "REVEAL." The conversation all happened while Morty is delicately making Hors D'Oeuvre, a party staple.

What's the catch? All "Rick And Morty" fans knows the Plumbus. The Plumbus was first introduced in "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate" episode and since then reached a total success among avid fans of the series. Reports say that there are lot of stuff returning for the Season 3. Thus, everyone has a Plumbus and it could be making a comeback in the form of Hors D'Oeuvre. Hors D'Oeuvre could be made as a form of erotic enhancer which Morty will be distributing to the partying crowd. However, this speculation is yet to be proven until "Rick And Morty" Season 3 is released.

"Rick And Morty" Season 3 Release Date

Speaking of which and for a second time, "Rick And Morty" Season 3 premier is not happening this Jan. 9 Monday. Fans should better wait and hope that Roiland will announce "Rick And Morty" release day sooner on Adult Swim.

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