'Heroes Of The Storm' News: Blizzard Announces Free Full Hero Roster This Weekend; Armor System & Solo Ranked Detailed [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamers of the highly-acclaimed video game developer and publisher, Blizzard Entertainment, will be pleased to know that they recently dished out some great news for players of "Heroes of the Storm" this coming weekend. These same fans ought to tune in and free up their weekends in order to play the game. In other news, the lead game designer has also shared to fans some details regarding the armor system and solo ranked being implemented to the game, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Blizzard has announced that it will make the full roster of "Heroes of the Storm" free to all players this weekend, PC Gamer noted. It was stated therein that this Friday will set off the event until Monday, which will allow fans to play the full roster of the game absolutely free.

This could only mean great news for fans of "Heroes of the Storm" as the announcement allows them to experience the game even more by having an open house of rosters. That being said, the source also pointed out that 2016 has proven to be an eventful year for both the company and the game.

It was stated that Blizzard celebrated the anniversary of "Heroes of the Storm" last year and was even able to roll out fifteen new playable characters to its roster. As of date, fans of the game are able to play a total of 60 heroes, with ten of those available for selection through the weekly rotation.

On top of that, it was also reported that the acclaimed MOBA game "Heroes of the Storm" will also be implementing an Armor system and a solo ranked queue, Destructoid has learned. Lead game designer, Travis McGeathy, said that the reason behind incorporating the solo ranked queue was for players to be able to demonstrate their skill as a solo player. Albeit being just a trial, the developers are keen in seeing the changes that might happen to the game.

Moreover, the game "Heores of the Storm" will also be implementing the Armor system, which was highlighted by the source as a standard feature in most MOBA games. The addition of the Armor system to game will require players to keep into consideration another factor that may have a good synergy with the vast number of abilities in the game.

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