'Overwatch' News & Update: 'First Strike' Graphic Novel Cancelled; Doomfist New Hero Rumored to Appear? [VIDEO]

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Fans of the highly-acclaimed first-person shooter game, "Overwatch," have been receiving a lot of new content from Blizzard for the past few months. However, it seems that they won't be getting the "First Strike" graphic novel this November as it was reported to have been cancelled. In other news, there have been rumors circulating around on who might be the next hero that Blizzard might bring forth in "Overwatch."

It was recently reported that the intended November-release for the graphic novel, "First Strike," was cancelled by Blizzard, VG24/7 has learned. It was said that Blizzard's lead writer, Michael Chu, announced the news over the weekend.

Chu confirmed to fans that the "Overwatch" graphic novel, "First Strike" will no longer be released. He further stated that the decision for cancelling the November-release of the graphic novel was due to a change in direction for the story. He did, however, thank the team for all the hard work and great effort they have put into making the "First Strike" graphic novel.

As for the rest of the statements, they were detailed over in a post via their official website. It was further elaborated that the initial idea for the "First Strike" graphic novel harks back to the early stages of the game's development. Chu and the rest of the team intended to tell the story of the founding of "Overwatch" during the time-period of the Omnic Crisis.

However, since the game has received a lot of updates and new contents, the game's universe and story has also evolved. As such, it would seem that the stories of Reyes, Morrison, Amari, Wilhelm and Lindholm will just have to wait.

In other news, there have been rumors circulating around the web that the release of Sombra also hinted at the next hero that Blizzard will release in "Overwatch," Tech Mic reported. It was said that Doomfist has made a lot of appearance within the game.

The concept of the character was said to have been hinted in the cinematic reveal trailer for "Overwatch." Also, the source suggested that fans can see more of Doomfist's presence in the Numbani Heritage Museum, which features banners on the wall showcasing Doomfist. Lastly, it was said that the logo for Doomfist can be spotted beside Sombra in her trailer video.

Despite the graphic novel "First Strike" getting canceled, it seems that fans of "Overwatch" can expect something new coming their way in the future.

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