'Overwatch' News: Roadhog Getting 'Hook 2.0' On PTR; Fans Want Terry Crews To Voice Doomfist [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike are familiar with the gameplay behind the acclaimed shooter game "Overwatch" and the system balancing required to make the game evenly competitive. As such, fans will be surprised to learn that Blizzard has finally nerfed one of the more iconic characters in the game - Roadhog. In other news, there have been some major buzz surrounding the game as fans are supporting the idea of Terry Crews voicing a possible additional character to the game, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Blizzard, who is also known for developing highly-acclaimed games like "World of Warcraft," "Diablo" and "Hearthstone," have finally decided to nerf one of the skills of Roadhog from "Overwatch," Kotaku has learned. It was stated therein that his hook has now been rebalanced in the game.

The source took note of the fact that Roadhog's hook is one of the iconic things in "Overwatch" and now, the game's principal designer, Geoff Goodman, has announced the details of what they deemed as the "Hook 2.0" that will be released on the PTR.

It was stated that most players and the community of "Overwatch" have complained for a long time that Roadhog's hook is just an utter mess. Situations where his hook would land on players through several walls is just one of the many examples as to why these fans have been pulling their hair outs on the sight of such.

The principal designer of "Overwatch" has elaborated to fans that Roadhog's hook will no longer grab players that are out of line of sight nor will they be placed at the back of the character after being hooked. This will, however, affect the strength of the character in matches, as Goodman explains.

Nevertheless, the nerf made on Roadhog's hook for "Overwatch" can be tested out as it will be made available on the PTR.

In other news, fans have been expressing a lot interest in having Terry Crews voice one of the possible characters that might be added to "Overwatch," Polygon reported. After Terry Crews posted a message on his Facebook account, where he asked fans if they would want to see him voice Doomfist, a lot of them replied with a resounding yes.

Despite the fact that Doomfist is currently merely rumored to join the roster of characters in "Overwatch," it seems that fans are all in agreement that, if ever Blizzard does consider adding the character, they want Terry Crews to do the voice-over.

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