College Past Times That Can Make You Smarter


There is a general belief or perception that we are naturally given a certain level of intelligence and there is nothing much we can do to enhance it but just to live up to our full potential. However, most of these are not true because there are actually so many things that a person can do in order to make them smarter.

According to science, we do things that we enjoy and at the same time increase our brain's potential to work. Hobbies or past times are some of the things that are fun and entertaining and at the same time contribute significantly in our intelligence. So if you are in college and you think that the only way for you to increase your intelligence is by studying, there's actually a lot more ways than you realize and here are some of them.

Question everything you read

Learning more information is good but you have to make sure the information your receive are accurate and are not misleading, according to The Student Housing Guide. Fake news are spreading everywhere which it why it is only imperative that you check the sources and find out if they are stating facts. The more you research, the more you will know.

Play board games

With the wide use of social media nowadays, only few kids are left enjoying playing board games but this a good way to practice creative thinking, problem and puzzle solving so you can utilize the part of your brain which you do not normally use on a daily basis. Instead of using up your hours browsing the social media during your free time, invite your roommates or classmates for some board games to increase your intelligence while having a good time.

Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language to improve your brain power and memory according to Entrepreneur. It's because when you learn a new foreign language, your brain is being trained to perform better when it comes to mentally demanding tasks.

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