'Pokemon Go' News: Second-half Of The Holiday Event Proved To Be Successful; Highest Grossing App In The US Detailed [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike are familiar with the initial success that "Pokemon Go" has had since it was first released. That being said, it seems that the highly popular mobile game has continued to be a hit even more with the results of the second half of its Holiday event. Moreover, statistics would also show that Niantic's smartphone game was able to garner the top spot on the highest grossing app in the US during the tail-end of 2016, according to sources.

It was previously reported that Niantic Labs has released the second half of its Holiday event for the highly-acclaimed mobile game, "Pokemon Go," just a week ago, University Herald noted. With it, Niantic Labs was able to release some new features, such as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold boxes.

Moreover, the second half of the Holiday event for "Pokemon Go" also saw the release of some Gen 1 Pokemons, which sources have pointed out to be possibly the most important event that the mobile game has ever launched as of date because it is a step closer for fans to get their Charizards, Venusaurs, and Blastoise Pokemons.

That being said, it was recently reported that the success of the second half of the Holiday event for "Pokemon Go" saw loads of Charmanders, Squirtles, and Bulbasaurs in the wild, Forbes reported. Moreover, the added feature of a single-use incubator everyday increased the chances of players to hatch their own Gen 2 babies.

Also, it was pointed out by the source that having the new tracking system for the "Pokemon Go" also proved itself very useful during the second half of the Holiday event. It made things a lot easier for players to spot where specific starter Pokemons were spawning, which was said to have been missing from past events.

In other news, "Pokemon Go" was able to rake in a large sum of revenue during the final days of 2016, Sensor Tower reported. The source pointed out that the mobile game by Niantic Labs was able to hit its best single-day of domestic gross revenue in the US at around 4.9 million US dollars spent by in-app players.

In addition, the week of Dec. 26 of 2016 showed "Pokemon Go" as the highest grossing app in the US at approximately 22.1 million US dollars spent. This resulted in the game beating other top performing apps, such as Supercell's "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale," which seated at second and third place in rankings.

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