Tips to Launching a Freelance Writing Career


Freelance writing can be an exciting career, although many may not think of it that way. Being a freelance writer means writing professionally for various clients, notes Freelance writers have their time in their hands and can write for various companies. It offers perks that can't be found in other careers.

According to a 2012 Freelance Industry Report, about one-third of freelancers earn about $70 an hour or more. This isn't the smallest amount, though, as another 23 percent of respondents in the same report say they earn $50-$70 an hour.

Carol Tice of Make A Living Writing says freelance writers have unlimited earning potential with the right resources. Would you want to try your hand at launching your own freelance writing career? Here are a few tips from The Boar's Rachel Brooks.

Research about the writing careers available to you

Not all writing careers revolve around news, essays, or blogs. Check job advertisements online and offline to see what writing career choices are available - and appealing - to you. Get help from the Student Careers & Skills service as well.

Build your portfolio

Collect any and all articles you've written, whether from volunteer work or other jobs, and compile them. Display them using a Wordpress site, and try to update your collection with new articles every week. Don't just write about anything, though: try to write in response to a need or inquiry, or perhaps about something you're interested in.

Also, enroll yourself in good online writing courses, such as "An Introduction to Journalism" by Strathclyde University. Learning about your writing field and adding it to your resume or CV will help improve how people will see you.


Once you've chosen a field to focus writing on and have built a good portfolio, start promoting your services and yourself to prospective clients such as magazines, newspapers, and other businesses. Prepare business cards that have links to your portfolio, and hand them over to target clients that you can meet in various events and gatherings.

Also, try to offer your writing services for free in certain groups. These articles might not be paid, but they'll help generate publicity for your writing skills, and give you more experience.

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