January PlayStation Plus Games: 'Day Of The Tentacle' Free For The Whole Month! 'Titan Souls' & More Detailed [VIDEO]


It's another year and another new set of titles being featured in the latest January PlayStation Plus Games. As such, most fans and avid gamers alike can grab a hold of the acclaimed games released for the PS4, "Day of the Tentacle," according to sources. Moreover, fans can check the other titles listed in this month's offer with "Titan Souls" and much more.

It was recently reported that fans who are gaming on the PlayStation 4 and are lucky enough to have a PlayStation Plus account can go on ahead and download "Day of the Tentacle," which will be made free for the whole month as part of the January PlayStation Plus Games, Birth Movies Death has learned.

It was said that the iconic LucasArts' adventure game, "Day of the Tentacle," will be free to own as part of the January PlayStation Plus Games. Moreover, this version of the game was said to be the Remastered edition, which would allow players to enjoy the game with a smoother gameplay. It is a hilarious point-and-click adventure that mixes an array of characters and genres, such as time traveling, mummies, and mad scientists. The game is the sequel to "Maniac Mansion," which was also developed by LucasArts.

Moreover, the source even went on to advice new PS4 owners to get the PlayStation Account Plus in order to enjoy the other titles that are also listed in the January PlayStation Plus Games.

That being said, the list for the January PlayStation Plus Games also include games like "Titan Souls," which was released back in April of 2015 and was developed by Acid Nerve, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. "Titan Souls" is an action-adventure game where the player is equipped with only one arrow and can only take one hit.

Other games featured in the January PlayStation Plus Games are as follows: "This War of Mine: The Little Ones," "Blazerush," "The Swindle," and "Azkend 2."

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