PlayStation President Discusses Hardware PS4 Pro, PSVR & Nintendo Switch; Shuhei Yoshida Looking Into Mobile Industry [VIDEO]


Fans were able to get a glimpse of a good number of games that will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR during the PlayStation Experience 2016. But as for the hardware themselves, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida discusses the PS4, PS VR, and even the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, it seems that the company is looking into the mobile industry.

In a recent interview conducted by Digital Spy, PlayStation President Shuhei Yoshida went on to discuss the success of the PlayStation 4 Pro. When asked as to whether the sales of the latest console met the company's expectation, Yoshida stated that the hardware is indeed selling very well.

He went on to say that Sony is hoping for people to purchase the PS4 Pro and look at it as the console of their choice for their 4K TV sets. He also made mention of the fact that most of the people buying the PS4 for the first time are opting to purchase the PS4 Pro instead. As such, it has driven a larger demand than what they initially prepared for.

Albeit the lack of sales figures relating to the PSVR, Yoshida explained to the source that it is selling out relatively well everywhere. He stated further that he was happy with the fans and consumers' strong reception with games being purchased more for the system.

When it came to the upcoming Nintendo Switch, Yoshida said that the console is covering a new market all together. He went on to praise the next-gen platform by saying that it is good for core gamers and that Nintendo was able to translate that well through its marketing, Nintendo Insider reported.

Lastly, the interview concluded with Yoshida sharing to Digital Spy that they are indeed looking into the mobile industry. He focused on the point that it is a great tool to be connected with their fans, and that they are looking for opportunities to allow new gamers to become familiar with their IPs.

With their previous releases such as a companion mobile game for "Uncharted 4" and a running game for "Little Big Planet," Yoshida said that standalone games for the mobile might be a possibility.

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