PlayStation Experience News: 'Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap' Developer Diary, 'Last Of Us 2,' 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' & More! [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike would agree that there is a growing trend for companies to held their very own "E3" events to showcase some of the upcoming titles that are coming to their respective platforms. As such, fans were able to get a glimpse of the numerous games that Sony has lined up for them during the PlayStation Experience 2016 last Dec. 3. A lot of those announcements covered the release of a developer diary for "Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap" to other triple-A games, such as "The Last of Us 2" and "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy."

For fans unfamiliar to the game, "Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap" was originally launched back in 1989 as "Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap" for the Sega Master System. It was a single-player platform game that was developed by Westone and published by Sega as part of their "Wonderboy" series.

Recently, it was reported that French studios DotEmu and Lizardcube are planning to release their own version of the classic game,"Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap," Dual Shockers learned. As a way to bring everyone up to speed to its progress, DotEmu went on to announce the game during the PlayStation Experience 2016.

With it, the developers went on to present a new dev (developer) diary to fans that showcased the new rendition for the music of "Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap." The dev diary depicted how Michel Geyre and Romain Gauthier, repsectively as musician and sound effects designer for the game, re-imagined the music for the game.

In addition to that, fans were also treated with some major announcements coming from triple-A games. As such, fans have started to ponder as to what they can expect from these upcoming games.

For the likes of "The Last of Us 2," fans have started to speculate as to when exactly will the sequel be released, WWG noted. The source speculated that the game might be released in 2018 or 2019, if needed in order to polish the game further. It was further speculated that Naughty Dog might reserve 2017 for their other release, which is the upcoming "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy."

With that being said, WWG went on to speculate as well on whether "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" will change the franchise's gameplay from an action-packed filled experience to an more stealth like game. This attributed to the fact that the new installment will focus more on Chloe Frazer rather than the iconic Nathan Drake.

As such, it seems that time can only tell as to what fans can truly expect once these games are released for the PlayStation 4 in the near future.

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