'Halo Wars 2' News: Bonnie Ross Ensures Core Spirit Of The Game; Atriox Brute Leader Introduced Next Month [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike would agree that one of the traits that makes a series successful is the ability of the developers to keep the game's essence. As such, the head of 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, has ensured their fans that the core spirit of their upcoming "Halo Wars 2" will be in keeping with the franchise. Moreover, it was said that a new character will be introduced next month, according to sources.

It was recently reported that the general manager of 343 industries, Bonnie Ross, has ensured their fans that "Halo Wars 2" will stay true to the franchise's core spirit, Gamespot noted. It was stated that Ross shared with their fans that their team will make sure that their upcoming game will be able to appease longtime fans while being able to entice new players to keep the brand growing, as well.

In a separate interview cited by the source, Ross has told fans that 343 Industries have gone through lengths to ensure that the core spirit of the "Halo" franchise will remain true up to their next title, which is the highly-anticipated "Halo Wars 2."

Ross said that they are careful on how they develop new installments to the franchise. As they try to create different ways of extending the brand and expanding its player base, they are careful not to lose the core spirit of the game. It was stated further that the company puts their "Halo" fans at the forefront by listening to their feedbacks, by giving them a chance to voice out their opinions.

As such, it was also reported that Ross and the rest at 343 Industries have been really encouraged with how their fans have been positively received the new additions in the "Halo" franchise, WWG has learned.

As such, fans can expect the introduction of Atroix, the Brute Leader, to be introduced in next month's "Halo Wars 2," which is expected to debut in Feb. 21 for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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