'Halo: Combat Evolved' Tops List As Best Xbox Release Ever! 343 Adds 'Voices Of War' Pack For 'Halo 5' [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike of the renowned Xbox console would agree that the platform can easily be associated with one game, which is the highly-acclaimed "Halo" franchise. As the years pass by, more and more versions and additional content of the game have been released. Yet, fans have determined that there can only be one Xbox game on the top of their lists-- "Halo: Combat Evolved." In other news, 343 Industries have added a lot of new content with its "Monitor's Bounty" update for "Halo 5," such as the "Voice of War" Pack.

Fans would remember that the Xbox was initially released back in November of 2001. As the years passed, it would seem that "Halo: Combat Evolved," which was released shortly after the launching of the console, has proven itself to withstand the test of time as being the best Xbox release, The Guardian reported.

From other older games like "Forza Horizon 3" and "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," it would seem that "Halo: Combat Evolved" has topped all other 14 games that the source has listed as the best Xbox game released ever.

As such, The Gaurdian went on to state that the game "Halo: combat Evolved" reached a point where it was synonymous to the Xbox brand, and vice-versa. The game's meticulous design has raised the bar for console first-person shooter games.

That being said, the franchise has went on to grow even further with its most recent installment "Halo 5" for both the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

In recent news, 343 Industries has just released the "monitor's Bounty" update to "Halo 5" not too long ago that added tons of new content for the game. One of these additional contents is the "Voice of War" Premium Requisitions Pack, Digital Trends reported.

It was described 343 Industries of "Halo 5" that the new premium addition "Voices of War" Pack will bring three new multiplayer announcers to the game. It will feature all three Spartan Buck, 031 Exuberant Witness, and Yabda the Merciless.

Fans can head on over to their official website to get a preview of some samples for the "Voices of War" Pack available for "Halo 5."

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