'Halo: Combat Evolved': Best Xbox Game Ever ; Analysts Predict Xbox Scorpio's Price Upon Release In 2017 [VIDEO]


Fans of the iconic Xbox console have alyawas associated the brand with one game, which is the well-renowned "Halo" franchise. As the years pass by, more and more iteration and installments of the game have been released. However, fans have determined that there can only be one Xbox game that trumps them all-- "Halo: Combat Evolved." Moreover, analysts are now predicting what the Xbox Scorpio's price might be once it gets released in 2017.

Everyone has their own favorite game that they've played numerous times on their gaming consoles. But when it comes to the Xbox, it seems that there's a unanimous vote as to which game tops the all-time list for best Xbox game. As such, fans can can read on and agree as to whether or not The Guardian's list of best Xbox games hold water.

At the top of the list, it seems that "Halo: Combat Evolved" was crowned as the best Xbox game there is, The Guardian noted. The source took note of the fact that "halo: combat Evolved" took the first-person shooter genre to a whole new level. It mentioned that the game took the concept of a console shooter and turned it into an art-form with top-notch controls, inspiring structures, a variety of weapons, better AI, and an immersive universe.

As such, the source even went further to state that Xbox is somewhat unanimous to "Halo" and vice-versa. Whenever gamers think of the Xbox, they can easily associate it with its equally famed game, "Halo."

In other news, analysts have given their thoughts on what they believe the upcoming Xbox Scorpio should be priced at, Gamingbolt reported.

In an interview conducted by the source, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter gave his opinion that the Xbox Scorpio should be priced alongside the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is at around four hundred US dollars. Anything above that could mean the demise for Microsoft's upcoming next-gen console.

Only time can tell as to whether or not Microsoft will be able to execute its pricing well regarding the upcoming Xbox Scorpio.

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