‘One Piece’ Manga Celebrates 20th Year, ‘One Piece Film: Gold’ And Creator Hints When Manga Ends [Video]


This year marks the 20th anniversary Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece" was first published. To celebrate the occasion, Oda and his team of illustrators took time during the holidays to honor the Straw-Hat Pirates by creating brand-new art guaranteed to leave fans of the series seeing their favorite characters in a new light.

Crunchyroll reported that Oda shared his glee by engaging fans on Twitter wherein he expressed his excitement about the 20th year of "One Piece." One of the Tweets is a promise for a Special New Year's movie. In celebration of the New Year, he shared a video with an unconventional take on Luffy and Shanks.

According to Comicbook, the artwork may seem foreign to fans. The illustration depicts a smiling young boy with short black hair. With a gap-tooth and dressed in a white button-up. It can be assumed it is Luffy as the artwork shows a straw hat dangling around his neck. Ace, on the other hand, is closer to his manga counterpart albeit depicted with bright red hair that contrasts harshly against a black trench coat.

"One Piece Film: Gold"

This January, in line with the manga's 20th celebrations, fans would be delighted to know that "One Piece Film: Gold" will have its English debut in theaters. Accordingly, the anime will push on airing throughout the year as well as the manga will continue to progress through its storylines. Oda also hinted that the series would dish out massive climaxes.

"One Piece" ending

Fans need not fret for Oda says "One Piece" is only about 65 percent done. As it is, the three-year-running Dressrosa Arc is done with the Whole Cake Island arc is about through as well. What follow after would be Wano Country and the Reverie Council.

With about 35 percent left of the whole "One Piece" saga to go, Comicbook estimates that the math gives the series another 300 or so chapters that would equate that "One Piece" could end up having 135 volumes. At their current pace of work, "One Piece" might take a few more years before the whole series finally wraps up.

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