‘One Piece’: After 20 Years, Manga Finale Is Almost Near [Video]

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Eiichiro Oda "One Piece" writer and illustrator hinted that the manga series would be ending coming 2017. Moving towards the conclusion of Luffy's adventure marks the 20th anniversary of the anime.

Oda, in a promo newspaper Dai One Piece Shinbun, said his series is 65 percent complete. Accordingly, the manga is moving along smoothly even after more than two years of the Dressrosa arc. The currently running Whole-Cake-Island arc is reportedly half-way done, and Oda revealed that the coming year will bring the run into the Reverie and Wano arcs, Crunchyroll reported.

The last two story arcs will supposedly be the signal towards the climax of the series. Importantly, though, this will usher in more exciting adventures for Luffy D' Monkey with the World Government Council would find more stringent ways of bringing Luffy and the Straw Hats down.

Wano arc technically pertains to a country in the New World where the World Government has no power or control over. It is also, where Beasts Pirates live. It may not be far-fetched if Luffy and the rest of his crew will move into Wano in attempts to avoid the council.

Various speculations that pertain to possible scenarios and progression towards the manga and anime ending have surfaced online. A fan even suggested that there could be a confrontation between Coby and Luffy at the end of the anime. A probable Marineford War 2 where the characters will fight each other for that sought after "One Piece," according to Reddit.

Nevertheless, given Oda's creativity and imagination, there is no telling how he will decide to end his 20-year-old manga/anime series. However, one this is sure, fans of both the manga and anime are in for an epic ending. We all have to see what is in store in 2017 for Luffy and his gang.

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